Thursday, 25 August 2016

Travel Announcement

This week has been lacking on the blog posts, I wish it was for some fun reason, however it's not. I've just been working lots and not being a good manager of my free time.

That said, I've been putting in the extra hours FOR a fun reason--what I'm usually and always striving for: Travel!

{Erin Out and About}

In 22 days I flight out to Las Vegas for a girls weekend in the Sin City before heading further south, I'm talking South America! I'm meeting up with girl friend in Machu Picchu after she completes an amazing 5 day hike up to the ruins. I, however, will be taking the train up #knowyourlimits.

We will be spending roughly 2 weeks in Peru and Bolivia and although I'm slightly terrified that we only have a small portion of it booked, I'm excited for the upcoming adventure.

When 2016 started, I didn't have any travel plans booked beyond my epic trip to England, and honestly thought that was going to be it for the year. But when someone asks me if I want to go somewhere, my answer is 'Yes to adventure' first, figure out the details later.

Now, let's see if I can time manage better and get some scheduled posts done for while I'm away. #dontholdyourbreath

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