Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pre-Travel Safety Tips

As I announced last week I have some upcoming travel plans in the works. So this week I thought it would be good to go over some pre-travel safety tips, if anyone is like me and has a love/hate relationship with the planning stage (I only want to focus on the fun bits like what food I'm going to try there or what things I'm going to see, and just hope that the nitty-gritty details just work themselves out)

1) Get insurance
This is boring, but as the old adage says, it's better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to get caught out, especially while away from home. So just suck it up, buttercup and buy yourself some insurance that includes medical and cancellation. Some credit cards have this part of your policy, so look into it. It's cheaper and easier to get than you might think. 

2) Look into visas
Being Canadian I often just assume a visa isn't required for my travel destinations and this is more times than not a correct thought, but how much would that suck to arrive some place just to be truned back because I didn't do the research before hand. 
Some places may not require a visa, but might require specific immuniations to enter the country, so look into that too.

3) Write down your itinerary
Even if it's just a loose idea of where you will be when, it's a good idea to write this info down. 

4) Share it with someone
Now, with that itinerary you wrote down? Share that with a family member or friend not going on the trip with you. If something were to happen, someone at home would know where you should be and possibly how to get a hold of you if needed.

5) Get mail picked up/stopped/checked
This could be the same family member/friend as above. Ask them nicely to checkup on your place once in a while and collect any mail/flyers/newspapers on your doorstep.  

6) Tell bank
As I mention in this month's travel link up post: Money tips whilst traveling, tell your bank where exactly you will be going and for how long. This protects yourself against if fraudulent activity were to occur at home or as a result of your trip.

Want more pre-travel safety tips? Check out Simplisafe's fun pre-vacation checklist infographic below, created specially to be shared with dear readers like you. Simplisafe is a wireless security system that helps protect your home whilst you'er away. You can also check out their blog post about ensuring your home is safe while travelling internationally

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