Thursday, 4 August 2016

I F*#@ing Love Tacos {Fest}

I've always known that I like tacos, but recently I had an epiphany; I f*#@ing LOVE tacos. What's not to love? Fresh ingredients, light fluffy shells, lime zest, YUM! So obvi when I heard TasteToronto was hosting Taco Fest I bought tickets. I bought tickets the first day they went on sale. Then all I had to do was wait, like a month! But it was so worth it. Taco Fest was everything I hoped and expected it to be. 

Similar to Mac n' Cheese Fest, upon entering you purchase a set of tickets that can then be traded in at any of the stalls in exchange for food and drink.

As per our M.O. @qkristen2 and I wandered the area taking it all it and making our game plan. Upon entry we were given an 'Official Menu' for the event and it was super helpful. It helped us decide where to go, what to get, and how many tickets it cost all before stepping a foot in line. I think this helped with crowd control and making things run smoothly at each booth.

Mexican Street Corn and Tacos de Carnitas

Taco Primavera

Taco de Pastor Horneado

Taco de Nopal con Frijol and more Mexican Street Corn

Cauliflower Taco

Charred Eggplant Taco and looks like pulled pork??

Jerk Chicken Taco

Dessert Taco

Gourmet Ice Pops, Coconut and Cinnamon
Soaking up the festive atmosphere we found shady spots to get out of the heat and enjoyed some of the non food amenities. It was a great location at 99 Sudbury, having both indoor and outdoor stalls.

Bag of Churros

Writing this post has made me salivate all over my keyboard and have a hard hankering for some tacos!!!

What's your favourite kind of food festival? 
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  1. That looks like one of the greatest days ever. Also, your nail polish is gorgeous x

  2. Ha thank Eimear. It was a pretty spectacular day.
    The nail polish is Girly Girl by Quo. ;)


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