Tuesday, 14 June 2016

What to Expect When Visiting Edinburgh

Sometimes visiting a new place can be a bit overwhelming, you might experience some major culture shock, language barriers, and even homesickness. But fear not! Go ahead and plan that trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, I got you covered boo!

Expect Wind
It will whip and whirl around you, not a hair will stay in place. Accept it and style it out.

Expect to spend a lot of time on the Royal Mile
You got the castle at one end and Holyroodhouse on the other and so many wonderful things in between from museums to pubs. And if it's not on the mile, it's not too far off it.

Expect to find good food
We found a great Thai place one night when wandering, we had an excellent lunch in a museum cafe, and many perfect pints in interesting pubs. The food is good.

Expect to want to try haggis and deep fried mars bar and 
Spoiler alert, they're good.

Expect  to like it
Yeah. Like seriously. Don't be scared.

Expect  there to be Scotch drinks
You don't have to like it yourself, but respect the heritage this golden spirit has in this county.

Expect  tourists 
They will be everywhere, doing all the things you are doing. Accept it and deal. You are in an awesome city that's big enough and cool enough to share.

Most importantly expect to have an amazing time in Edinburgh. It's a glorious city with much to see and do.

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