Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Top 5 Things to do in my Hometown

My focus for this blog had changed when I returned home to Canada after being an expat for two years in England. I didn't want to let that lifestyle go completely and knew I could hang on to the best bits if I shifted gears and became a hometown tourist. No need to be passive about the amazing tourist attractions and special events taking place on my doorstep because I live here and it will always be there tomorrow. I have been spending a lot more time in Toronto the Good as of late, but really I need to take a look closer to home and take my own advice: to be a real hometown tourist of my own hometown of Brampton, Ontario.

1. The Farmers Market
{Erin Out and About} Top things to do in Brampton
You had to know this would be at the top of my list. I love a market and Brampton has two! One is downtown (celebrating it's 30th anniversary!) and another one, new last year, in the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant. I haven't had the chance to check this one out yet, but it's definitely on my list for this summer.

2. T By Daniel
{Erin Out and About} Top things to do in Brampton
Like tea and being treated like the special, little, unique snowflake that you are? Head to T by Daniel located on Main Street in the heart of the downtown. You will garunteed have a great experience and a lovely tea to boot.

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AKA Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives. Located near City Hall, it is the former home of Peel County Courthouse and the Brampton Jail. Today it hosts a variety of events and exhibitions representing the people and heritage of the Region of Peel.

4. Gage Park
{Erin Out and About} Top things to do in Brampton
Brampton's first municipal park donated to the city and opened in 1903; the residents had felt to be in desperate need of a park close to the town centre and with tree protection. Today the circular path around the gazebo is made into a skating rink in the winter and has a public splash pad for the summer. It is also the home of many community events throughout the season including the Brampton Rib n' Roll held each May.

5. Recreational Trails
{Erin Out and About} Top things to do in Brampton
Thankfully, Brampton has many long park trails that run along the creek and watershed areas. Even though I'm in the suburbs it's nice to be able to escape the traffic laden streets of the main drags and be surrounded by nature. I've spotted deer, coy-wolves, beavers, and herons in these areas. Nature!

I've been asking around for suggestions and additions to make to this post so stay tuned for an update.

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