Friday, 26 February 2016

Postman's Park When you Need an Uplift

Some days are difficult. Just down right, in the pits, really suck, the sun will never shine again. After visiting Postman's Park, I now have a little something in my back pocket to remind me that there is, in fact, still good in the world. 

Located near St. Paul's Cathedral and the Museum of London in the City, is a small Memorial to the Heroic Self Sacrifice designed by Victorian artist George Watt (friend of Julia Margaret Cameron) and opened in 1900.  It's dedicated to the ordinary citizens who died while saving the lives of others. 
The ceramic plaques, although simply designed, are a touching tribute to otherwise forgotten people. 

For an uplifting moment, I highly recommend popping over to the Postman's Park to read about some of these amazing people. 
And if you want to know more about these everyday heroes check out the Postman's Park App (yeah, there's an app for that!) 

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