Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to Travel with a Brit

While traveling in Dover, I met a Canadian couple also staying at the same B&B. We got to talking, addressing topics of Canada (obvs), places we've travelled, and those quirky Brits. They pointed out to me that the qualities the British most appreciate in a thing, any thing at all, are: it's closeness, it's loveliness, and something about it is proper. They may not realize this to be true, but it's probably because they are too close to recognize it. So while I had a Brit visiting me in Canada I wanted to make sure he felt as comfortable as possible while still showing off the Canadian culture and it's history. (Sadly, no portaging was required during this trip)

Eat like the locals do and consume a (North) American styled brekkie at a greasy spoon.

Steak and eggs are a must

Do usual day things in really old buildings. 
A market structure has existed on this spot in Toronto since 1803. Today it's once again a vibrant market building servicing the local neighbourhood and tourists daily. Sadly, there's nothing else like it in Toronto, but was a big hit with the Brit.

Attend some sort of cultural pomp and circumstance with a history.
The goat is a descendant from a royal goat given to the Van Do's by Queen Victoria. He attends every changing of the guards and parades around the grounds of the Citadelle du Quebec.

Pretend that the old town buildings are super normal and we too put commercial stores in 16th century buildings.  But actually most of our "really" old buildings are only from the mid 19th century and we turn them into museums.

Place Royale, mostly reconstructed 17th century facades, but looks really, really old. 

Find a pub. It's probably going to be Irish 'cause all the best pubs in Canada are "Irish".  Drink like the locals and order a Canadian drink. Acceptable items include but are not limited to; a Caesar, Sleemans/Keiths, or Ontario grown wine.

I like eating in my drinking.

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