Thursday, 30 April 2015

"What are you, a tourist?"

Anyone else have ever have this situation come up?

I was visiting my neighbouring major city attending a common Canadian event when something caught my eye and I took my phone out to take a picture. Being a blogger for a couple years now, clearly my picture was being taken from "an interesting angle" versus the traditional setup. The company I was with noted my apparent odd behaviour and said, "What are you, a tourist?" I immediately was embarrassed and said a slightly defiant and very pouty "Yes".

BUT DUDE?!What's wrong with being a tourist exactly?
Do you not want to experience new things?
Meet new people?
Travel in new places?
Try new foods?
Make life more exciting?
And yes, even take a snapshot or two or one hundred to remember a moment in time you enjoyed, was thrilled by, would never do again--and reflect on the memories?

Being a tourist means opening your eyes to the world around you. Being a tourist has taught me many things about myself. Mainly it has shown me my capabilities and skills to live life more fully, not getting stuck in the mundanity of it all and to actually DO things with my free time.
Sneer at me all you like, but chances are I'm having more fun than you. If being a tourist in my homeland is wrong, I don't want to be right!

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