Monday, 19 January 2015

Hey there, Monday!

I'm all about an easy diy, even better if it's a useful diy. This weekend I made up a batch of oatmeal dog shampoo after noticing Betty had started scratching, licking, and nibbling incessantly. The vet had noted her dry skin at her last check up and suggested a natural shampooing if the need arose. I looked up a few different recipes on Pinterest and finally decided on this Oatmeal dog shampoo, because I had all of these ingredients. In the future I'd like to try this one. After the bath, she's still a bit itchy, but it's definitely reduced. We all get dry skin with changing temps, I can't imagine the struggle without hands to scratch all over. 

Happy Monday!

Introvert, extrovert or crossbreed?

London's Tottenham Court Road has been going under construction for some time, I'm loving being able to see some of the results (without having to brave the Oxford Street crowds).

Eerily beautiful empty London.

I've always had a fantasy to create a photo book with images of dogs of yesteryear.

I would love to walk through a glacier. To Rhone Glacier!

Why you shouldn't put a raincoat on your dog.

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