Thursday, 13 November 2014

Rediscovering my Love of Canada

I feel like I've been a bit complainy lately. I know I've been more negative about my move back to Canada, my homeland. I've had friends that moved back to Canada after living in the UK for an extended period and have been completely fine with the transition and others who found it just as hard to adjust.

So in the spirit of bringing positive things to me I'm going to change my frame of thought and try to remember some of the things I love about Canada.

1. Swiss Chalet

I know, I know. It's no gastropub, but damn that Chalet Sauce!

2. Wide open spaces

Fields and fields not far from your door step where you can just imagine The Littlest Hobo trekking over, never settling for long.


3. my dog

Betty is my home girl.

helping me stretch after a run

4. proper seasons

There is a distinct change between each season. Winter has snow, fall has colour, spring has showers, summer has sun.

5. the familiar

It's good to be challenged. It's good to live outside of your comfort zone. It also can be tiring. Sometimes it's just good to know when I'm in need of hangers, antifreeze, paint and seasonal decor I can take my Canadian Tire money down to the local Canadian Tire and get all these things at once, including some street meat for lunch.

6. driving

My mother was worried that I'd forget how to drive after having been gone for so long without a car. Thing is, driving a car "is like riding a bike". It's nice being able to hop in the car and drive myself, by myself from point A to point B. No transfers, no 'person on the track', no smelling the breath of others as we stand nose to nose (or in my case, nose to chest).

7. the quiet

In London I lived in a building off the A12. It was noisy. In Canada, I live in the suburbs. Ahh the quiet.

rainbow over the A12
8. fresh air

Take a deep breath. In. Out.
No odd smells. No black coating in my nose. No lung infections.

9. snow

I'm not super fond of the cold weather, but what I hate more than just cold weather, is cold weather with no snow. At least with the snow there is a point to the coldness. And with snow comes fun things too; skiing, skating, snow shoeing, snowmen, snow balls, snow angels ...

10. the politeness

Since returning, I've been getting out there. Running most days or taking Betty for a long walk. On this walk, people greeted me, smiled, and even said 'good morning'. And not in that creepy, I have an agenda kind of way or in a way that made me feel uncomfortable or threatened. Not that those people don't exist here, but we are generally a people that talk to strangers, make eye contact with unknowns, and even make small talk with passersby.  honestly, this has been the most difficult part of re-acclimating my self into Canadian society.


  1. This is wonderful to hear - and thoroughly tempting!

  2. I agree entirely on the cold without snow dilemma - I hate that. I'm really hoping we get at least a few days of snow this year in London.

    I am worried that I'll feel the same as you when it's our time to leave here. I know it's a year and a half away, but I can already tell I won't be ready. I love Tennessee, but I like thinking of it as my home to return to when I'm done living in other places and I'm NOT DONE YET! :)

  3. Come visit any time! :D

  4. I wish I has some tips or advice with this other than "DON'T DO IT", but I know that's not helpful. A year and a half is a long time and at the same time, not long at all. Enjoy the rest of your time "living in other places" :D To me, even a bad day in London, is a good day.


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