Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I Scream, You Scream

Yes, the weather has grown colder, but you will never convince me it's not ice cream season. 

We visit Vermont often enough, having family there, and a visit to Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream factory in Waterbury, is usually on the list of things to do. It has a little something for everyone. A retail store to buy merch, a factory tour, museum display of B&J's ice cream history, park grounds, vista views of mountains, a flavour graveyard, and of course an ice cream shop. 

Vermont was the first state to require labeling of foods made with GMO ingredients and Ben&Jerry's is in full support of this new law. They are a great company that has always had a strong morality in the way they do business and their community efforts.

They started their small ice cream business in a renovated garage in Burlington, Vermont in 1978. My parents often regal me with tales of how date night consisted of a small scoop of ice cream and a parking lot movie, projected off the white exterior wall of the shop. They tell me how Ben (or was it Jerry?) first served them in their opening week.

At lease she begs politely 

Of course Ben&Jerry's has a flavoUr graveyard, honouring all the past flavours that just weren't as loved by customers as B&J thought they should be. Vermonty Python anyone?

We don't have too many Ben&Jerry's scoop shops in Canada, but they are in England and every time I came across one in London, it brought a smile to my face and made me think of home. Now who wants some ice cream?!

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  1. What an awesome day out. I think the flavour graveyard would be my favourite thing to visit (and getting a scoop of ice cream aswell)


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