Thursday, 23 October 2014

To Market, To Market: Brick Lane Market

I'm not nearly cool enough to spend large quantities of time in Shoreditch. I did live in East London, but it was east of the cool east bits. That said, I can't say no to a market, cool or uncool I'm going to be there trying all the foods, touching all the things, smelling all the airs, and walking all the lanes. I most often found myself at Spitalfields, with its different stalls each day of the week culminating to the main event on Sunday. Just a hipsters throw away is Brick Lane Market and the Sunday (Up) Market  in the old Truman Brewery, also occurring on Sundays. This place is full of eye candy; from the crafts for sale, the food stalls, and even the punters. And no matter what's on offer at a market, I will spend a few bob on food and drink. I figure, I can't afford to buy something pretty and frivolous, but a girl's got to eat, right?

On this particular day I was hung-to-the-high-over and instead of opting for something good and dirty (The Poutinerie was sadly not trading on this day), I went the opposite direction and got myself some Fresh Rolls, a California Hand Roll, and some REAL lemon-aid (smoothly style). The freshness made me feel like I was cleansing my body. It thanked me with no repeated visits--if you know what I mean.

Once recovered significantly, I could lift my head and take in my uber cool surroundings. If you don't know it yet, Brick Lane (East London in general) is the best place to check out the street art scene. We wandered the streets, back alleys, and lanes finding surprising pieces tucked away and up high playing the game of "Spot the Street Art". 

My favourite of course was Sell Out's paper butterflies and yes I totally took one as a souvenir. Street art I can take home with me, I'm down.

Grab a cool date and head to Brick Lane whether for the market experience or just to explore the street art, it's an exciting and healing afternoon in London! 

ps. There are street art tours that you can go on, read about Selena's experience doing one back in August. Great photos.

What's your favourite street art?

(is it still cool to say cool?)

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