Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Birthday Room with a View: Travel Link Up

Today I'm linking up with the monthly travel link up hosted by Emma, Kelly, Rebecca, and special guest Angie. When I saw that this month's travel link ups theme was "Room with a View" the below image immediately came to mind. 
The Location: Paris
The Year: 2005
The Occasion: my 23rd birthday
The story (which I might have mentioned before): My friends and I had taken a week's trip to Paris which happened to fall over my birthday. It was agreed that we would go to a museum in the morning and to the Eiffel Tower for sunset followed by nice meal at a French restaurant. I opened my eyes that morning ready for the day ahead. I jumped out of bed to gaze upon what the day had brought me. As I leaned out the window and looked up to the sky expectantly , I was greeted with sunshine and blue skies. As I was coming back into the room something odd caught my eye. It was large and fleshy, then I realized it was a Frenchman sitting down to breakfast in HIS birthday suit! I of course woke up my friend to show her my birthday surprise. Then took this cheeky (haha) photo. Obvi!

Runners up for my favourite Room with a View

1. My International Student Home during my semester abroad looked out onto Regent's park. I was spoiled.

2. The view from our Florence flat last summer. It was a bustling street below with all the Tuscan charm.

3. My friends' balcony from the 26th floor over looking the city from Shadwell. Not only do I love this view, but I aspire to return to it again one day...hopefully in the near future.

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  1. Hahahah, now that was a birthday surprise! Love your views!!

  2. Your birthday morning view made me lol, only in Paris. I can imagine your Tuscany view been really romantic.

  3. It's a bit of a creeper photo, but it makes me giggle so, I'm okay with that title.


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