Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to Survive a City Break in the Winter

As the weather warms up (but not here, helloooo polar vortex!), it's clear that spring is close and nothing can stop it. But it was only a few short weeks ago (okay a few more than a few) I found myself in Paris in winter. It was cold. Very cold! Obviously the warmer months are more popular times to travel, but that means crowds and more expensive accommodation. So there are benefits to travelling some amazing European cities in the off-season if you can just brave the cold. Here I am to help you survive your winter city break.

1. bundle up

Pack appropriately and remember layers are your friend. And blanket scarfs are my favourite cold weather accessory. As a Canadian, I know, when dressed appropriately any cold weather  condition can be enjoyable.
{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter

{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter
Take group selfies and share body heat

2. get street hand warmers 

 I mean you could wear mittens or you could find a street vendor and get a crepe or falafel and eat, walk, AND have toasty warm hands. Multitasking at it's most delicious.
{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter

3. take public transit

Walking about in the very cold weather can make even the most prepared person miserable without a break. Walking is great way to experience the neighbourhoods, but sometimes it's just so much more satisfying (and pleasant) to master the public transportation system of a foreign city. 
{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter

4. dot the day with going in places

There will be churches, shops, and cafes. If your plan for the day is just to explore with no set agenda than I suggest you wander and go in all the things! What better way to warm up and see some cool things. In Paris, we came across many incredible small churches which we might have just passed by on a warmer weather day.
The best part of a city break (okay, maybe one of the best things) is that you are on holiday and have all the time in the world to slow down and enjoy hot drinks in cute cafes whenever you need a warm up.
{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter

{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter
pre-pre-pre dinner drinks

{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter
hot chocolate with a view

{ErinOutandAbout} Survive City Break in Winter
beautiful nativity scene found in one of the churches we stopped in

Do you like visiting places during the winter? What are your cold weather survival tips?

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