Monday, 15 September 2014

Hey there, Monday!

The job hunt begins. This is an exciting time and a terrifying time. So much potential and expectation in this limbo period. The time between getting the most perfect job and applying for the most perfect job. The period when you can still be discernible about which applications to spend hours on and passing on jobs that are just beneath you. It is but a brief and blissful moment then reality sets in and you remember you have bills to pay and a life to lead and those so called undesirable jobs not worth your second glance begin to be more appealing. I'm all for procrastinating the start of this new week with a few internet readings.  Happy Monday!

Red carpet questions that should be asked.

This is a 'seriously America?' kind of moment.

Ultimate secret tunnel discovery!

I love a ponytail. This one is fancy.

Greetings at Heathrow Airport

Life hacks for dogs

It's back to school time.

Love this article on politeness

Template for asking someone out.

15 nifty food tricks.

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