Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Wine Tour Where We Drank ALL the Rose

When we booked our trip to Provence we knew there would be some delicious wine consumption going down, but it somehow became apparent that each day we were draining one more bottle of rose than we did the day before. You know what they say, "practice makes perfect".

We started things off right with a booked wine tour of the local area. We were picked up right at our hotel by a gorgeous french woman, Floren. Since the original group we were booked on was full, we were lucky enough to have our own private group. 

Our first stop was the Tavel Rose winery. We tried several varieties and I couldn't tell you a thing about them, (I'm not so much a wine person, as long as it's chilled and not too dry, I'll like it all) but what I did like was the label on one of their bottles. Each year the winery partners up with an artist who designs the artwork for 'Tribute to the painting' and displayed throughout the showroom were pieces from their collection. This year's artist was Jean Savajol. I loved this pairing, and I found his work to be vibrant, lively, and stunning.

Our next stop on the tour was a lovely chocolate shop where there were samples galore and much selection in fancy chocolates category. This is also where I first learned about Calisson

The last stop on the tour and the 2nd winery we visited was the Chateaunuef-du-Pape. They are more known for their reds and whites rather than the rose, as the drink of choice for this trip. They are also known for their funky shaped bottle which had been designed decades ago, to represent the vines bending and swaying in the strong winds this area has come accustom to. Our tour ended here and Floren was a gracious and adorable guide. She kindly dropped us off in the town centre of Avignon after personally arranging a table reservation for us. 

Side note, when I had been going through my pictures I came across this guy. What on earth is flying in front of my camera lens?!

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Fun travels!

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