Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Random Monday Nights

Some days you just need to be random filled with the unknown. A few Mondays ago a friend and I decided to check out the Icebar London located off Regent's Street near Piccadilly. When we first arrived we were told we could purchase tickets for the next session in 30 minutes. I thought this was unusual, but wanted to see what this was all about. We paid our £14.00 (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) which included a complimentary drink within the Icebar and waited for our session.

We lined up and were each given a 'designer' cape (so says the website) with attached gloves and we passed through the first set of doors. The cold air hit me immediately and I regretted not wearing socks that day. The sessions lasts 40 minutes but you can leave earlier if you choose. We collected our drinks at the ice bar which were served in individual ice glasses and we did a tour about the room.

It was definitely a cool experience and one I'm glad to have done, however, it was very much a novelty and not something I'd do again necessarily. 

Where else could you look this cool in a designer cape with tethered ski gloves?

There is also a lounge and restaurant to continue the fun, but we decided to head off to check out something else. 

We didn't go very far before we were struck by Momo, a Shisha bar and restaurant.  We thought the decor was inviting and neither one of us had really tried shisha before, so why not.

We enjoyed some lovely tea while we perused the menu. In the end we selected 4 items one of which included pigeon. YES! And you know what? It was fantastic! We finished our meal and while enjoying more tea we smoked some apple flavoured shisha. Another thing checked off my list, but not something I would be pushed to do again.

The pigeon is the top item

This is not a sponsored post. I just had a fun night and wanted to share the wonderful joys of London.

Fun travels!

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