Monday, 21 April 2014

Hey there, Monday!

If you celebrate Easter then that's what you would have been doing this weekend. What are your family Easter traditions? This isn't a super big thing in my family but we do enjoy and excuse of getting together with extended family and friends. This year it was just a small dinner with the boyf and I wanted to have my family's traditional cooked ham, but they don't really do that here. So instead I got a small gammon and tried my had at doing it from scratch. Verdit: success and not that hard or long to do. I topped the whole meal off with creme brûlée. Store bought. I'm not that fancy. 
I hope you all had a lovely Easter if you're into that sort of thing and here's to a wonderful week ahead. 

Science is too cool for school

This one's for Betty.

Well this would be cool. Seawater jet fuel

Some people are nice

Shut-up Butthead!

This reminds me of the Heritage Canada Minute, "it's actually an old idea." You know the one I mean.

I've always loved snails. Even had some as a pet. True story.

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