Monday, 7 April 2014

Hey there, Monday!

So I've been slightly lax on creating posts for the blog. Sometimes you just can't force it and just have to take a short break for no reason at all.  So instead I binge watched the last season of HIMYM. No spoilers, I still have a few episodes left! So I will procrastinate starting this Monday by finishing my binge sesh. mmm-kay?

Sums up mt Sunday.

Positive thinking.

I think I discovered how I like my opera; in unusual settings.

ba-roquing out.

Museum jobs rule.


It's a minefield out there.

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  1. Steph O'KaneApril 07, 2014

    Yay goats and happy commercials about love. Urg but love is definitely a minefield :( Oh those dogs!


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