Monday, 10 February 2014

Hey there, Monday


Did you watch the opening ceremonies to the Olympics? A group of my (mostly) Canadian friends got together at someone's house with food and drinks and we watched the events on demand. As we waited for everyone to arrive, we were entertained with the opening ceremonies of Calgary 1988 on Youtube. Amazing that 1988 seemed so...old! God, help me. 
I learned 3 things about Russia from this year's ceremonies: 1) the medieval period was very colourful, 2) at any point in Russian history lots of Russians died, 3) if you were good at your job, you faced blinding...allegedly. Are you into these games? As a Canadian, we excel at winter sports so when people tell me they're more into the "real" Olympics I mentally slap them across the face. Procrastinate checking out the current medal count for the country you are rooting for and let's enjoy these little internet gems.

Google doodles rule

Well done, Canada.

The Look-at-me Generation

Makes me want to make my own little list

Valentine's day plans in London

History. The more you know

Also, Galentine's Day. It should be a National Holiday.

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