Monday, 3 February 2014

Hey there, Monday!

Let's all say it together, "6 more weeks of winter." *sad horns* Yesterday, both Wiarton Willy and Punxsutawne Phil have seen their shadows and most accurately predict 6 more weeks of winter. Tell it to us Murray
So let's all grab a hot bevie, snuggle up under a blanket (or 2) and procrastinate starting this Monday morning just a little bit longer.

My mum used to do this every morning.

Love the blog, want the cookbook.

I live in the East.

"F*&@ing science", a guy's guide to birth control.

Paper towel in public washrooms. You're doing it wrong.

The Milky Way Project

Favourite thing I read this week.

I think I could make my own list of teas. PC brand Ginger Peach would certainly be on it.


  1. Wireton Willy has had it wrong before....we can always hope for the end in say 5 weeks

  2. I LOVE the extra links on Hey There Monday!!! I always search them out because I know I would never have found them otherwise.


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