Friday, 20 December 2013

The Tastes of Vienna

To me, one of the best things about travelling is the food! Being able to try new food items made famous in that region along your journey is on the top of my list, picky eaters need not travel with me.
Before landing in Vienna I did a bit a research, gastronomically speaking, and let my rumbling tummy make the rest of the decisions.

Since our trip focus was Christmas markets obviously Gluhwein was first on the list. I changed things up this year and opted for white Gluhwein rather than the traditional red. 

We did spend most of time eating and drinking at the markets, with so many delicious options how could we not? Vienna sausage, fried potatoes, sugared almonds were just some of the things we enjoyed.

potato wedges, plain potatoes, roasted chestnuts

The sausages were served in a hollowed baguette with the condiments poured down the centre, nothing poured out the bottom or sides (great to store in your handbag).

We smelled the sugared almonds being made before we saw this beautiful, tasty woman, maker of the sweet treats.  The smell drew us in and we stood and stared at her longer than should have been acceptable. We couldn't resist.

I don't know what this was exactly or what it was called. I'm not even entirely sure was all the ingredients were, but from what I gathered it involved; potatoes with poppy seeds and herbs, applesauce, jam, and topped with confectionery sugar. I must admit, I was a little tempted to test these waters and maybe would have if I had more of 'the Gang' around to try it.

marzipan fruit

Cafe Neko

I was told that a cat cafe existed in Vienna. E and I were determined to find it and stroke a kitty or two. Located very centrally near Stephansplatz we stopped in for a tea, a warm up and to use the free wifi.

There were many climbing posts and much of the duct work had been made cat friendly. You could see that people visiting here were excited to see the cats but also aware not to overwhelm them with attention. I think these guys have it pretty good.

Cafe Central

As we walked around the city, E kept going on about having to try this famous Viennese cake called Sachertorte. It is credited to Franz Sacher who first made it for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in 1832. Later his son, Eduard, carried on his father's culinary legacy, perfecting the torte into it's current form. It is a chocolate sponge with a think layer of apricot jam between the layers and with a dark chocolate icing. 
Many places serve the famous Viennese cake and Cafe Central seemed like a good a place as any to finally order a slice. It was good. Damn good.

although we had blinders on to our order, there were many delicious looking cakes to tempt us

Nachtrestaurant Mozartstube 

Our first night in Vienna we arrived pretty late in the evening and on empty stomachs. Luckily for us there was a Night Restaurant located just steps from our hostel door. We entered into the emptiness and I was hesitant, but E pushed me threw and we proceeded to have an excellent experience at the Mozartstube.
The waiter told us that most of the clientele only start arriving after 11pm and that no matter what you will receive the same fresh food and good service at 9pm as you will at 5:30am. The atmosphere was warm and very manly with carved wood and animal heads hung on every available space on the walls. There was a wood burning fire in the centre and the one and only waiter in the place, when not chatting us up and quickly clearing things from our table, diligently polished every single wine glass that could possibly have existed in the restaurant.

Upon our waiters recommendation we ordered a house specialty of sausage dumpling served on sauerkraut.  When the dumpling came out I was surprised by it's size and glad I opted for 1 and not 2.

Taking a chance on this empty restaurant it was likely to go one of two ways, be very poor food that we talked about with everyone or being so good that we couldn't stop talking about it with everyone. We lucked out with the latter on this occasion. 
Isn't that part of the fun with food while traveling? It's a gamble.

Fun travels!

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