Monday, 23 December 2013

Pinterest Challenge Recap 4

Well I'm doing a lot better than I expected to be with these challenges. Honestly, I thought I'd set myself 7 and then do only couple, getting distracted by being home and not blogging. 
This particular challenge, Eucalyptus Steam Shower Trick, was quite easy once I was able to find a flower shop that actually sold fresh, unpainted eucalyptus.When I first read about this on exPress-o, I knew I wanted to try this as soon as I got home. This one time I went to a spa that had a eucalyptus steam room and I sometimes to this day find myself craving it.

I found that it worked better when the hot water ran directly on the leaves and not just the steam. I came down with a cold while trying this one out (of course I did!) and I found when I stepped in the shower my breathing got easier.

Here a link to all of my challenges.

Fun travels!

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