Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List
Occasionally I like to pretend I have a generous manfriend who likes to shower me with expensive gifts, or that I have a Daddy Warbucks who will buy me everything my little materialistic heart desires, or that I have my very own deep pockets in which I can buy all the things (ALL THE THINGS) for myself like the truly independent lady I pretend to be am, and make a Christmas gift wish list with all the truly lovely items I've been admiring and lusting for the whole year through. It's fun to dream...




1. Office £46.99
2. Fossil £135
3. Aldo £100
4. etsy $46
5. Joy £8.50
6. iPhone  £549
7. Lumix camera and lens £268 and £144

Twenty-five days, people. Look alive!

Fun travels!

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