Saturday, 30 November 2013

Challenge Accepted!

Earlier this year (whoa, that long ago?!) I talked about doing a Pinterest Challenge, but just couldn't do it then. The desire to actually try out some of the many, many (MANY) things I've pinned has never gone away. So I've decided to challenge myself to completing some of these things over the month of December in a sort of Christmas Pinterest Challenge. I've selected 7 things to try--I like odd numbers--over the course of the month and hopefully will be able to blog about each as I complete them.

I challenge you to join me in your own Pinterest Challenge. Look back at some of the things you've pinned and actually try some of them! This is a call to action. Go ahead, put down that mouse of pinning and pick up that craft scissors/spatula/sewing needle and do instead. Let's be winners together! Good luck and God speed!

Fun travels!

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