Thursday, 26 September 2013

To Market, To Market: Greenwich Market

Now, I know I've said this before, but Greenwich Market is my NEW, new favourite market in London. In fact, the whole Greenwich area is just great. If I was the type to be so inclined, I would totally get one of those "I heart Greenwich" tees. I don't know this borough has alluded me for so long. I had just always thought that it was so far away, I mean, you had to take a TRAIN there, it wasn't even on the tube line! Now that I'm an EastEnder, it's closer to me than 'The City' and I love frequenting it.

The borough itself is one of the three Royal Boroughs of London (Kingston upon Thames, and Kensington and Chelsea are the other two). It has a long maritime, royal and horological history. It is the home of the Prime Meridian, the Greenwich Observatory and the GMT. There are many museums to visit, for a fee and free, and even a beautiful park to have a picnic in.

One of my favourite things to do in Greenwich is to visit the Market and to grab a bite from one of the many food stalls and wander the aisles browsing the various crafts and items for sale. I've only ever gone on the weekend, but the market is there all week with a different theme for each day. 

On this particular day, I went to the market with some family friends. Shopping is thirsty work so we ended our trip with a stop at the Coach and Horses for some live music and an orange juice.

Fun travels!

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