Thursday, 25 July 2013

To Market, To Market: Camden Lock

Camden is probably one of my most favourite place in all of London. There is just such a vibrancy and coolness about the place. I love going back to it again and again.
There are a few markets that make up the area: Camden Lock Market, Camden Lock Village Market, The Stables, Camden Markets to name the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but don't worry, they are all within a feets of each other, making a stroll from one to the next very doable.
On this particular visit I was on the hunt for a neon bum bag (aka fanny pack, but don't call it that in England, they will just laugh at you) and I thought what a better place to look than the very funky, very ecclectic markets of Camden. I searched high and low, in and out of every stall with no success. But the day was not a loss as I enjoyed the many treats and foods also available here.

Watermelon juice; just watermelon blended. BRILLIANT!

 The main market is The Stables, named such for it's history as a Victorian horse hospital which was located near the train station and canal system.

There's a town crier on hand

And giant horse statues that are just begging to be photographed with.

We are currently in a heatwave in London and what better way to cool off than by a classic English summer drink, Pimms. It's an alcoholic drink (Hi parents!) served with fresh fruit and cucumbers and mixed with Seven-up like soda.

I took a break from the fanny pack hunt to enjoy the Pimms garden with live music.

The day ended with some Thai take away along the canal. 

Do you have a favourite place to visit in London? Let me know, I want to check it out!

Fun travels!

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