Friday, 17 May 2013

Barclays Cycle Hire AKA Boris Bikes

This past Sunday started out so promising, weather wise. It was cool but the sun was shinning and clouds were blowing across the sky. Looking for something fun to do, a friend of mine and I decided to rent a couple of bikes and tour around the Isle of Dogs.
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The bicycle sharing scheme is also known as the 'Boris Bikes' after Boris Johnson, the mayor of London when the scheme was first introduced in 2010. 

The Transport of London website has information about how to use the cycle hire, where to find docking stations and even suggests leisure routes.

Since the scheme allows up to 30 mins free use, we took that opportunity to dock our bikes every 30 mins and stop at a pub for refreshments. Our first stop was The Gun, where Lord Horatio Nelson often drank here and met up with Lady Emma Hamilton for their secret assignations. *ooooohhhhhhh* (if you read that like a Jerry Springer audience member, then you've made me proud)

side note: last week I visited a pub called The Grapes where Charles Dickens was known to have frequented. I think from now on I'm only drinking at historically significant (or would it be insignificant?) pubs.

As I said, the day started out promising, but those clouds that were blowing across the sky accumulated and things got overcast, windy and a bit rainy. Great day for anything with a sail, as seen here along one of the canals.

Our last stop was The Hubbub Cafe and Bar located upstairs in an old shipbuilder's chapel, which a theatre space in the main bits below. We had an excellent lunch, more 'refreshments' and played some trivia with the games provided. I definitely would love to revisit this place on a sunnier day and enjoy the patio.

Cute sign at the Hubbub.

The rain had set in so we decided to call it a day, but it was a great day out. I don't think I'll be using the Boris Bikes for commuting in London rush hour traffic anytime soon, but definitely worth a Sunday afternoon leisure ride.

Fun travels!

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