Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Love/Hate Affair

Back in 2004, I was preparing for my semester abroad and purchased a winter coat. One of those new (at the time) kind that had the inner coat zip out so that you actually had 3 coats in 1! I really wanted a white and blue one but I was convince by my dad and the sales clerk that it would get dirty fast so instead I went with a red and cream one, pictured below.

Here we are, the coat and I, being super touristy walking across the zebra crossing on Abby Road, London circa 2004. 
At first I didn't mind the coat and it's brightness, even liked the fact that it was true Canadian colours--as if I was wearing a Canadian flag everywhere I went.

Here we are at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, March 2008
The next time I came to England, I was again going to be a student doing my MA with the University of Leicester. I didn't give it a second thought, the red coat would be coming with me. Although I had come to hate the look of the inner coat (it has weird grey piping around the seams that gives the appearance of shoulder pads), it was waterproof, warm and practical to have the 3 in 1 option.

Here we are visiting the loch in Balloch, Scotland, fall 2012

This time around when I decided to move to England, I hesitated. I was no longer a student and now wore a professional looking long, black, puffy coat daily. But the bright red, practical coat still hung in my closet. I finally made the decision to bring it back with me. It had to, it's too practical not to.

My coat and I admiring the view from Stirling Castle, Scotland, Sept 2012
Things have changed for us this time around. Yes, I'm still kept warm and find the assortment of deep pockets handy, but I now feel so conspicuous in it--like I'm wearing a Canadian flag on my back everywhere I go. I feel like I stand out as a TOURIST, like I don't belong. Previous times I 'lived' in England I was a student, not intending to stay too long. This time is different. This time I want to feel connected to this place, feel connected to my new home.

The coat keeping me dry taking a selfie in Princess Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept 2012

Despite our rocky relationship, we've had some good times this coat of mine and I, we've seen some great things and visited some interesting places. Eight years later and we're still going strong. No matter how I feel about it, this coat has and will keep me warm and dry for the long haul.

Don't coat and I look warm visiting a Megalithic Passage Tomb in Ireland, 2008

Fun travels!

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