Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pollok House

For the past couple weeks I've been house sitting for a friend in Glasgow. I've been trying to explore the city on the cheap and one thing that's great about the UK is that most museums (especially the national ones) are free to visit. So for the small price of a return train ticket (£3.00 in this case) you can see some amazing collections housed in some great historic buildings.  While visiting the Burrell Collection in Pollok Country Park, I stumbled upon the historic Pollok House and gardens. Built in 1752 and owned by the Maxwell Clan for almost 700 years, in fact the historic interperter told me that the family still has an apartment on the top floor. All I could imagine was silver haired lord and lady shuffling around in housecoats and bunny slippers sipping a cuppa.

The Pollok House as seen from the rear gardens.

View of the gardens from the house.

Some of the beautiful rooms in the house (Parlor left and Music room right)

The Ceder room smelled so amazing to me!

The park was full of Highland Cattle. Aren't they adorable?

Fun travels!

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