Thursday 20 December 2012

Christmas Markets: Germany

Christmas in Europe to me is all about the Christmas markets. Up until this point in my life I had only visited the markets of England. I'm in love with these things, they really get you into the Christmas spirit and if it snows even better. (I don't know if we have these in Canada, at least we don't in my little nook of Ontario) The twinkling lights at night, the Christmas choirs, crafty gifts for sale, and delicious festive food.
This year a group of friends planned a trip to Germany to visit the authentic Christmas Markets of Cologne, Bonn, and Dusseldorf, Germany. Words can't explain the festive spirit that could be felt at these markets. Despite the crowds (especially at the main market of Cologne) it was great to explore the winding paths through the wooden huts, taking in the smells of the food and being dazzled by the decorations and lights.

The Dom of Cologne
Lights on the high streets of Cologne

Christmas choir with every German singing along

Ginger bread house in the lobby of my friend's hotel

Singing reindeer, they did a great rendition of Wham!'s 'Last Christmas'.
Loved it!

Drinking Gluhwein at Cologne Christmas Market (I kept the mug)

It was a great trip with great new friends. I definitely recommend going to the continent to visit the Christmas Markets if you ever get a chance in your lifetime. I hope to go again next year.

Fun travels!

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