Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Market: Food and Drink

As I talked about in an earlier post, I recently visited the Christmas Markets of Cologne, Bonn, and Dusseldorf and had a great time. The markets really got me into the Christmas spirit this year, only way it could have been better would have been with a bit of snow. Despite that, we muddled through, eating and drinking anything festive we could get our hands on.

On the first day of our trip as we waited for the whole group to arrive a friend and I went exploring and came across the Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum (Imhoff Chocolate Museum) and although we didn't actually go into the museum, we had a great time in the gift shop. Can you say Lindt partnership? YUM!

These are made of chocolate
Eating at the market stalls is half the fun of visiting the Christmas Markets, from currywurst, and bratwurst, to reibekuchen (potato pancake) with applesauce (pictured below) and many sweet treats.

So much meat! I thought this was such a great invention, the grill could be lifted to stoke the coals

We made sure that even after sit down meals we kept room for dessert. Chimney cake, was our treat of choice on one particular evening. The Chimney cake originates from Hungary, but there are many similar products found around Europe. Generally, it is a thin pastry wound around a wooden cylindar and cooked in an oven. It is then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, almonds, coconut, or chocolate. Cinnamon sugar is my personal favourite.

sorry for the blur

 Oh and the drink! So tasty. The Gluhwein, which is mulled wine usually made of red wine but some places also offered a white wine option. Based on someone's suggestion I tried apfel (apple cider), and after so much Gluhwein, it was a great change up.

We also had to try Feuerzangenbowle (trans: fire-tongs punch) was not only fun to drink, but also fun to watch being made. A 7" sugar cone is soaked in rum, set on fire and dripped into the mulled wine.

Lastly and probably my favourite of all was the Eierpunsch. Don't think you could drink too many of these due to the sugar and the potency, but dang were they good. Think warm eggnog. Which makes sense that I would love it, I can't get enough eggnog at this time of year. 

What a great trip! I could eat my way through German Christmas Markets any day.

Have you visited a Christmas Market this season? What is your favourite part?

Fun travels!

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