Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Vermont in Pictures

Vacations are great, but never long enough. I spent a great week away with perfect beach weather and perfect rainy afternoons for shopping. The week finished off with a bbq at my 93 year old grandmother's house with both sides of my family coming together to eat food and catch up.

{ErinOutandAbout} Vermont in pictures

In pictures top left to right: 
     1. packing for the week
     2. long drive up to Montreal
     3. my old analog camera I played with all week
     4. my drink of choice
     5. there was a mug there that looked just like Betty
     6. rainy day
     7. beach day
     8. black raspberry creemee
     9. I LOVE VERMONT sugar
    10. watch for 1920's children playing
    11. one of many bike rides along the lake
    12. what one wears on a cool rainy day to go shopping

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Fun travels!

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