Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Personal Journal: Weekend in Ottawa

After graduation its inevitable that everyone goes their separate ways, returning home, moving abroad, moving to different parts of Canada looking for work. If you are lucky, you stay in touch with the best people you met and visit them occasionally. That's exactly what I did this past weekend. In my first year of uni I met a girl who lived in the room next to me. We were in different programs but shared a love of romantic comedies and dancing. Now she's married and expecting a baby boy. I took the train up to Ottawa to visit and attend the baby shower. It was a great weekend.

(The leather bag I used for this weekend is fantastic. I'm already planning on how I can bring it to England. Carry-on perhaps? Gotta love great thrift store finds.)

Weekend in Ottawa seen through instagram. (backwards)
1. home again
2. star stamp
3. getting it done (work that is)
4. train delay shower 
6. diaper cake
7. getting ready
8. tasty muffin
9. comfy bed and Bay blanket
10. purple lips
11. bags
12 union station

Fun travels!

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