Thursday, 8 March 2018

Light Fest TO

Did you get to it this year? The Toronto Light Fest has come and gone and it was just as glittery and brilliant this year as it was last.

The Toronto Light Festival is the invention and creation of the same group that organize the annual Distillery District Christmas Market. And although this is only the second year for this festival, it is already one of my favourites which I was really looking forward to.

It ran from January 19 - March 4 2018 starting at sundown. This year my friend and I attended midweek and missed out on a couple of the more interactive installations, but there was still plenty to see. 

Although the Toronto Light Festival is done and dusted, I still wanted to share with you some of the incredible and dazzling installations of 2018. Even the Historic Distillery District itself got in on the action with lighting up some of the fixed installations pieces on the grounds.

I think why I love this festival so much is because with something so simple (a little bit of light), the old Victorian complex is changed into an outdoor art gallery. Filling the alleys with wandering spectators and delighting them with whimsical, interesting, sometimes creepy works of art.

Symbolic Peace, Studio Rosenblatt
Entwined, Charles Gadeken
Pulse Portal, David McCarty

The Bohemian Arch, Davis McCarty
Detail of HYBYCOZO, Serge Beaulieu & Yelena Filipchuk
Gummy Bear Pyramid, Dicapria
detail of the Gummy Bear Pyramid
Not Not Art, Studio Rosenblatt
Perspective, Studio Rosenblatt 
Solar Sail, Davis McCarty
Talking Heads, Viktor Vicsek
The ZOA, Martin Taylor
Guardians of Time, Manfred Kielnhofer
HYBYCOZO, Serge Beaulieu & Yelena Filipchuk
LightPiano 2.0, Kleurbleur
The Electric Dandelions, Abram Santa Cruz
Birds Fly Around With You, Masamichi Shimada
Reaching Through, Jessica Levine
Heavy Meta, The Heavy Meta Collective
Nest, Vikas Patil & Santosh Gujar
What festivals do you most look forward to attending each year?

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  1. Those installations look fantastic! Gorgeous night photography too :)

    Mehreen Amira

  2. Hope to get to Distillery District lifgt festi next year. Just filled out a culture survey that Brampton should do as they are looking for ideas that the public can participate in. This would be great and encourage artist installations.


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