Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 Done and Dusted

{Erin Out and About} Year in Review
Photo by MichaƂ Grosicki on Unsplash
This year has been a bit of a struggle. I went into 2017 with a bang and had some amazing trips, spent time with friends and found more fulfillment within my job. There were also some lows and struggles. Focusing on my theme, passion which I had set for myself last December, was one of my constant challenges and I was hard on myself about it. 

I continue to build and be mindful of previous year's themes; 2015 was explore (I'm heading into 2018 with a flight already booked!), 2016 was joy (I kept this little list close to me to keep finding my joy), 2017 was passion (did some exciting things with my passion of writing and this little passion project of mine). 

2018 I think is a year that I'm going to slow down, take stock, and make some big decisions. I hope this time next year I won't be in the same place I am now. I hope I'm happier, more balanced, and heading in a healthy direction. This is what I want to work on this year and that's why I think I have to focus on myself and self-care as this year's theme.

Do you set intentions, make resolutions, create a theme or just ignore all that all together and just get on with the year?

Along with setting my theme for the year I like to recap the past 365 days with a look through my instagram and pull out some of my favourite moments from each month. 

{Erin Out and About} Year in Review

January: Starting the year with some slow weekends. As the year went on, I got fewer and fewer of these. I look forward to starting this again in the new year.
February: Forever my favourite valentine!
March: Winterstations at The Beaches. It was sooooo cold, but I do love outdoor art.
April: Took a trip to the UK and Ireland. This photo is from the highly instagrammable restaurant (and loo), Sketch.

{Erin Out and About} Year in Review

May: Jazzy fish! Went to Ripley's Aquarium for some music and underwater creatures. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did.
June: Mac and Cheese Fest! Long lines and over priced food. Might not go again next year.

{Erin Out and About} Year in Review

July: Got my art on this month and made a little bee in scratch board.
August: Attended the Toronto Cider Fest (and hosted a Giveaway).This I will for sure be attending next year.
September: Also a highlight of my year was going to Newfoundland. It was a great trip that included visiting St. John's, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and a friend's wedding in London, Ont.

{Erin Out and About} Year in Review

November: Spent some time at the AGO. It's a gorg building.
October: Oktoberfest. It's now a tradition.
December: Decorated this sweet little tabletop tree.  

Happy New Year!

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