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Travel Companions: Travel Linkup

As a high school teacher once advised me, if you want to get to know someone, like really get to know someone, travel with them (also build Ikea furniture together). It's an opportunity to experience someone who's under stress, hangry, and possibly sleep deprived. Eventually, they will crack and become a grumpypants (scientific term) and seeing how they deal in this kind of situation really tells you a lot about how the two of you get along.

I have some friends I absolutely love to travel with and others I know it would ruin our friendship. Finding that perfect travel companion can be difficult and sometimes something that's only developed over several trips together. Despite this challenge I do prefer travelling with a buddy. Sharing experiences, working through language barriers and culture shock together, splitting the cost of things, and not every portrait has to be a selfie or involve that awkward convo with a stranger asking to take that picture.

But come to think of it, I've not actually ever done a full solo trip. I've spent the odd day solo while travelling with friends and honestly, I didn't really enjoy it.

Right. Proper solo trip next. #2018goal.

This month's #TraveLinkup is all about travel companions and like a good television clip show, I'm rehashing some of my favourite posts about travelling with a buddy.

{Erin Out and About} Travel Companions Travel Linkup

1. After much travel experience and being with different groups of people I can confidently say there are four distinct travel personalities. Which one are you?

2. 15+ countries and counting (anyone else like to count how many countries they've been to?), I have a few ideas on what makes a good travel buddy.

{Erin Out and About} Travel Companions Travel Linkup

3. A road trip just isn't a road trip if you're on your own. With half my family living in Montreal and the other half living in Vermont, I'm used to a good ol' road trip (anything less than 2 and a half hours isn't a proper road trip btw), I've devised a way to be the best road trippin' partner.

4. Living in England, I got used to travelling with the British and there little ways. If you also want to travel like a Brit, read my post of travelling with a Brit.

{Erin Out and About} Travel Companions Travel Linkup

Who's your favourite travel companion? Or do you prefer to travel solo?

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  1. I've been to lots of countries! I think that you would be wonderful to travel with! :-)

  2. I have a feeling I would love travelling with you too!

  3. Wandermust FamilyOctober 04, 2017

    I'm obsessed with country counting. My little one is 17months and she has done 12 already

  4. I completely agree, even those odd solo days here and there during my travels I haven't really enjoyed. My favourite travel companions are my husband and toddler - I've never had as much fun exploring the world as I have with them :-)

  5. Travel and furniture construction - your old teacher is one wise lady!

  6. Travel companion is important thing for a tourist. Because alone trip is so boring if there is some to give a company it's the better thing i guess. I always take travel companion when i go on a trip.


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