Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Story of my Travel Fear: Link Up

The last time I flew, it was almost the day my travel fears came true.

I was making my way home from my three week tour of Britain and Ireland. I had arranged a long layover in Amsterdam, booked my hostel looked into transportation to the airport and had everything planned out. I spent the day touring about, dodging the rain by meandering through museums, snacking on delicious frites, and wandering along the canals. Perfect day spent. I went to bed early and headed off to the airport.

Now, I will fully admit, I'm the type to be late for everything. Seriously, it's a bad habit that I repeatedly try to break. Friends are fully aware, if we make plans to meet at a certain time, they pretty much have an extra 15 minutes because I will be late. However, this isn't true for flights. I will be at an airport annoyingly early because I would rather by bored waiting at the gate then stressed trying to make my way to the airport.

This last trip, I thought I had it all perfectly timed. I was going to be early, have time to grab some breakfast in the terminal and read my book while I leisurely waited to board.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam International Airport? It's busy. Like hella busy. And for my particular airline everyone (not just my flight) had to use this self-check bag machine that still required assistance as no one seemed to be able to actually do it on their own.  Cue my blood pressure rising as I stood in line for 40 minutes inching forward. When I got to the front, I asked the service desk woman if I would be able to make my flight and she said, "Uhhhhhhh, yes."

I wasn't instilled with confidence.

I arrived at security with a long line, of course, and a sign that said, "Wait from this point; 20 minutes". That's not so bad right? But it was LYING! Right to my face!! Another 40 minutes later, I had made it to the front of the line and walked through the security with no issues. My bag however, required further scrutiny and so did 6 other people that were ahead of me. Cue another hot flash as I envisioned myself having to purchase a new ticket on a later flight to get home.

Finally it was my turn. The security guard opened my bag, did a swab and ran it through another scanner. All of a sudden a dozen security guards started appearing out of no where and gathering around the area. Everyone was calm, but also not doing anything. My bag sat there, staring back at me, close enough to touch but so very far out of reach that it pushed me further into the realm of possibly being stuck in Amsterdam for another day. I briefly considered saying "F@!# it" and leaving it be hind as I made a dash for my gate.

Someone gave the signal and work resumed, but a new security guard was now handling my bag and they went through the process again. I almost passed out.

Finally through, I bolted for the information board. On this day I was that person running through the airport dodging erratic moving children and slow paced old people. I made it to my gate with 4 minutes to spare. 4 minutes! I calmly joined the end of the line gulping air and wiping my dripping temples thanking my very lucky stars.

And that it the story of how my travel nightmare almost became my travel reality.

Do you have any travel fears or scares?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I think my own stress levels spiked while reading this. Such a close call! We had something similar happen to us in Dublin. Only time I've ever ran like mad through an airport, actually. Would have been fun if it weren't so freaking stressful!

  2. We've had the same experience!!!! (Were we on the same flight? TEEHHEE)
    But there was also a time when the guard directed me to the arrivals gate instead of the departure gate - so I had to go through security all over again and almost missed my flight! GAAAAH!

  3. Oh my gosh, what an absolute nightmare! I was getting stressed and anxious just reading your story! It must be something about Amsterdam because I left my passport on the plane (lol, idiot), and had to run back through security and through the terminal to stop the plane before it took off again. Nightmare!


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