Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to be a good travel buddy

Not everyone can travel with everyone else and even the bestest of travel buddies can have a moment of disagreement. Travel can be stressful. It can throw up twists and speed bumps that can cause, even the most seasoned travellers to flare tempers. Being a good travel buddy is a great adulting skill to learn, otherwise expect to remain a solo traveller whether you like it or not.

During our most recent trip to South America, Eimear and I made for good travelling buddies and I'd like to think it's because we have this travel thing hacked.

{Erin Out and About} How to be a good travel buddy

Give Space
Occasionally, there will be times when you or your buddy will need a moment to yourselves. Learn to read the signs when space is needed and freely give it, otherwise you might have a blowup brewing.

play mother 
Inevitably, someone will catch something and will need some tending to of some sort. That might be running to the store for meds, rearranging travel plans, or physically hoisting them up and dragging them to your next destination. Play mother to them and they will (hopefully) do the same for you.

Be Kind 
This is a general good rule to follow. No one likes a curmudgeon. Stress can make tempers short and your travel buddy may seem like the best person to take things out on. If that happens, cool down and apologise. Remember, they know where you're sleeping.

No matter how great travel bffs you guys are, there will be times when you don't agree with each other. That's the time to find a compromise. Find a middle of the road or maybe agree to do things their way this time and your way next time.

Feed off each others strengths
I discovered something while in Peru, I'm terrible at Spanish (this wasn't a huge revelation, I kinda had an inkling it would be the case), but I'm okay at understanding prices and numbers. Eimear was a wiz with the maps, she would study them and situate ourselves and where the things we wanted to see. The only times we got lost was when I was navigating. Together we knew how much things cost and where we were going!

To know me, it so travel with me.

Do you have any good travel buddy tips to add?

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