Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Canadian National Exhibtion Foods

For many Torontonians the onset of the Canadian National Exhibition is the official end of summer. It culminates in a airshow by the Snowbirds and finally shuts its gates for another year just after Labour Day weekend. 

The CNE has been running almost continuously since 1878, the most popular events have changed and shifted over the years from agriculture focus, new commercial product displays, auto shows to the food building. Many people cannot wait to experience the carnival foods on offer and it becomes big talk in the city. 

This year I spent some time on the CNE grounds and took the opportunity to sample some of these crazy foods available. 

Prepare yourself, you're going to get hungry.

I started off easy with a falafel wrap. (I was so excited to eat it, I couldn't get a clear shot...or maybe it was low blood sugar).

Heard about the deep fried Oreos and had to try them. They were good. Oh so good!

Next, my two favourite foods collided in the sushi burrito from Su&Bu. Yum to the Salmon Samba.

An enormous Yorkshire pudding and roast beef from Eat my Bowls.

Crispy Chicken sliders from Coco's Fried Chicken.

All foods are better on a stick. A Sundae on a stick. Picture perfect.

And topping it all off with a Drink from a Fruit (with a free refill just to get my money's worth). Watermelon, pineapple or coconut options. Got crazy and had pineapple as my refill in the watermelon. Bonkers!

My mother has already kindly body shamed me and reminded me to go for a run. Oh mothers. Gotta love'em.

I mean I could have had this milkshake from Fran's Restaurant, but I didn't--Oh I really want to try this milkshake now!

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What's your favourite carnival food to eat? Share it in the comments below

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