Thursday, 12 May 2016

5 Cheap Things to do in London

London is an expensive city, full stop. Whether you live there or just visiting, it can do a number on your purse.  I have written before about surviving visiting an expensive city, but today I thought I'd be a bit more London-centric and suggest a few cheap things to do in London. That's of course after you've done the essentials the city has to offer.

Museums at Night

Sure the national museums are free always, but how much more fun is it to go to a museum at night?! Along with the wonderful exhibits, there will be activities, food, and most importantly drinks. Quick! Get to a Museum!


Food markets are my absolute favourite thing to do. I especially love if the vendors have thought it through and offer sample selections for a fraction of the regular cost. I can try a ton of different things for relatively little. Everybody wins!

Also, I love posing with the food I'm about to eat. No flat lays found here.

Sky Garden
Newly opened and already a favourite destination (that one time I went) of mine. Free to go up and a cafe at the top! YAY! A little planning might be required here before visiting, but so worth it.

Bike Rides
Those with a keen eye will spot this as an older picture. These bright blue bikes have turned red with their new corporate sponsor, but they are still just as fun and cheap! 30 minutes free to ride.

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