Sunday, 6 March 2016

Visiting Vietnam was a Great Adventure: Monthly Travel Linkup

My tag line for this blog is 'Say yes to adventure', although this is a relatively new mantra for me, it is an idea I'm trying to fully embrace in my life. You'll still never catch me bungee jumping or flinging myself out of a plane, but I've gotten more adventurous in my advancing years. Setting aside my moves to England for school and work (on separate occasions), I feel my greatest adventure (and the start of this new mantra) was traveling Vietnam.

The year was 2008, I had just finished my Master's dissertation and was emerging out of the academic bubble, this mixed with jet-lag and culture shock meant that I spent my 2 weeks there in a slight haze. 

After being hit by the heat as soon as I exited the airport we jumped into a taxi and I was struck (figuratively) by the traffic. The sheer amount of motorbikes and people and horn honking! My senses were overloaded. 

As we traveled around and I acclimatized to the weather, the noise, the amount of people, I never quite got used to the sheer volume of traffic and motorbikes.

I think the Vietnamese are famous for carrying things on their bikes (motor and cycle)--seriously Google it. It's amazing.

We took a bus trip to Mui Ne, a lovely resort town in Southeast Vietnam, on our way back to Ho Chi Minh City the bus broke down and needed a tire change. As we waited we got a little loopy as photo evidenced below.

Visiting Vietnam was my first experience with something so different than what I was used to. It wasn't until I returned home and had a moment to reflect on my trip that I realized just how much I had enjoyed my time there. And the adventure bug has stuck with me ever since.

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