Thursday, 21 January 2016

Favourite Travel Memory: Florentine Church Organ Music

Confession time; I'm not that into music. 

I know, it's a bit weird and I know the look you're giving your screen, it's the same look I gave a friend when he admitted that he didn't like movies. There's that look again but now I bet I seem less weird (at least in my own mind).

Now some qualifiers; I like music as a background, atmospheric, mood setting kind of thing, I played piano for 10 years (can only play chopsticks now), and occasionally there will be a song that really speaks to my soul and you can't stop me from belting it out, guaranteed off key. Still I would say, I'm just not that into music.

{ErinOutandAbout} Favourite Memory

So it's kinda funny what happened on my latest trip to Italy, when I had a profound musical moment. We had been wandering the streets of Florence, meandering our way back to our hostel to clean up before dinner and along our zig-zagged route we came across a church with it's double doors open and organ music streaming out. It caught our attention. We walked in and were overcome by the sensory of the atmosphere. The smell of incense, the dim lighting, the hushed tones as people reverently listened to the organ composition. We quietly made our way to a rear pew and took in our surroundings. The organ player expertly played a beautiful piece that built up to a crescendo that whelmed us. The stained glass windows, naves, and statues seemed to be even more beautiful due to the melodic atmosphere. We sat, listened, and rested for the duration of the recital, not wanting it to end.

{ErinOutandAbout} Favourite Memory

We returned the following night to hear the music, but it just wasn't the same. The experience we had the night before, just couldn't be duplicated.

It had been the perfect culmination of all factors. It was a moment that couldn't be repeated and really I'm glad for that, it is to forever live in my memory and be cherished.

{ErinOutandAbout} Favourite Memory

What's your favourite travel memory?

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