Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Favourite Healthy Snack

Nuts.com has asked me to share my favourite healthy snack, especially at this time of year as the holidays approach and all the holiday foods that come with it. I crave salt and savoury things at all times of the day, but as I'm surrounded by the cakes and cookies of the season I do find myself indulging my sweet tooth.

Snacking is okay. Snacking smart is even better therefore my go to, no matter the season, no matter my mood, is popcorn. Beautiful, light, versatile popcorn.

I'm partial to the salt and butter variety, but won't say no to caramel, sweet and salt, Chicago style or even chocolate.

Many years ago I received a popcorn maker as a Christmas gift and used the crap out of that thing. Prior to this gift I, like the rest of the Canada, only ever used the boxed microwaveable popcorn kind. But once I tasted the loveliness that is fresh popcorn, I couldn't go back.

The move to London meant my popcorn addiction had to be figured out. Enter the method of my childhood, long hidden away in the recesses of my memory. Growing up my mum would often make this snack for us on movie night or to go along with tomato soup dinner. Out came the pot, oil, and kernels, whack that on the stove and as the kernels heated, shaking the pot back and forth to keep things from burning. It's ready in minutes and can have any flavouring you desire--or more accurately have on hand. (The sound of a pot scraping across a metal burner still makes me salivate.)

On days I'm feeling more adventurous than the usual movie theatre style, because sometimes I just want to be a purist, I'll do a quick Pinterest search for topping snack-spirations like; Tex Mex, sweet and salty, salted lime, and caramel corn,

What I like most about making popcorn fresh is being able to control how much salt/sugar is being added and can make healthy substitutions like coconut oil and Himalayan salt.

Thanks to Nuts.com for the blog topic inspiration. If you are interested in more healthy snacking ideas you can check out their healthy snacks page.

What are your favourite healthy snacks to have at this time of year?

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