Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Place I Can't Get Out of my Head: A Link up

I thought long and hard on this months Travel Link Up theme of "The Place I Can't Get Out of my Head" hosted by Emma, Rebecca, Kelly and Liz. I tried to not be boring and think of places I've been to other than London that I couldn't get out of my head. 

I mean, I loved Lavenham's old world architecture and pretending I was part of Tudor England.

I would enjoy another weekend trip to Canterbury wandering the streets and discovering more hidden away gems. 

I would jump at a chance to head up to Edinburgh and actually hike Arthur's Seat, visit Hollyrood, and The Castle (things I missed on earlier visits). 

Or even spend a month visiting my friends in Australia and drink all the wine.

But really, I am boring. I truly cannot get London OUT OF MY HEAD! 

The semester abroad was just an excuse to move away and live in Europe. London seemed like a good place for the mere fact they spoke English there too. (Adventurous to a limit)

The next tour in England was to complete my Masters. Where better to study museums than in a county that has so very many of them? Surely, this would get London out of my system and I would be prepared to settle in Canada after this.

Flash forward three years and I'm back again on a two year work visa. I didn't know if I would actually last the full two years, I was preparing myself to run out of money in six months and be returning home broke with a wicked hangover.

Today, if the right opportunity presented itself, I'd be on the next plane to London ready to pickup where I had left off. 

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