Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Travel Souvenir Dilemma: Travel Link Up

I read once that instead of buying useless tact while traveling that inevitably doesn't go with the rest of your stuff when you return home you should buy useful items; specifically kitchen items so that way whenever you use said item you'll think about your travels and the events surrounding the purchase. Over the years I have taken this to heart and bought the most useful items of coasters, garlic grater, wine bottle holder, wine cork, wine bottle opener (ignore the theme).

But sometimes when you find yourself in yet another souvenir shop in the touristy area of town and you spot that completely useless, tacky, flashy magnet for the 4th time you suddenly realize just how adorble it is and that even though your fridge is stainless steel, you'll find a spot for it cause you totally want to remember your amazing trip though this plastic item. The off centre paint job and visible glue glob just totally adds to it's charm. No judgement from me, as long as you don't judge my hand blown glass horse from Venice, tiny wooden turtle from Jamaica, or countless badges from all over.

To not have buyers remorse, sticking with the practical piece is safer, but you're on vacation! Live a little. Go on, get them both.

Collection of magnets that live everywhere but on the fridge. Nowhere useful. 

This is part of this month's travel link up hosted as per usual by Emma, Rebecca, and Kelly with special guest host Jamie. Lovely posts. Check them all out!


  1. That is the true joy of souvenirs - just pretty and memorable! My MIL buys me cat magnets even though we don't have a magnetic fridge...

  2. My mom collects fridge magnets from her (and her friends') travels, and at first, I used to scoff at it, but now I love looking at all of them every time I raid the fridge when I'm home!

  3. Lol that's right, I scoffed at them too, but really I do enjoy seeing the little collection of them on a desk in our family room.

  4. Yes, I do love a magnet no matter how impractical they have become in my life.


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