Thursday, 13 August 2015

24 hours in Montreal? Here's What I Would Do

When traveling to Montreal I did a bit of research about things to do in the city. I came across extensive lists of jampacked holidays over a 24, 26, 72 hour period. PHEW! I was tired after just reading them nevermind actually doing anything. 

We gave ourselves a pep talk, tied our shoes tight and went out to explore the city. Here's how I spent my

Arrive late on the day before, exhausted from your travels and glamourous train picnic and head straight to your accommodation. Maybe head to the nearest pub and just enjoy mixing with the locals/fellow tourists and worry about exploring your surroundings tomorrow.

Leisurely breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall diner called Moe's-Casse-Croute-du-Coin

Pass by the rich and wealthy homes of the Mount Royal neighbourhood as you make your way up the steep incline to St. Joseph's Oratory.

Head across the crest through Summit Woods to Mount Royal. There might have been an easier route to get there, but we were afraid of going too far down hill and bypassing it. Seriously, it was very steep and we just couldn't face the possibility of having to backtrack up it.

Enjoy the view from Mount Royal Chalet and do some people watching.

On your decent stop for a much needed ice lollie break, because if you're like me, you won't have any water with you and your feet will have started to blister from the heat of the day.

Walk along Boulevard St-Laurent for a bit, then take one of the small cross streets heading to Rue St-Denis. Good for window shopping and again people watching. You can stop at a cafe here.

We continued walking down Rue St-Denis to Chinatown and came across a few pedestrian streets and a festival. If walking isn't your thing, you can always jump on the Metro. I enjoy the walking though, you just never know what you're going to come across.

Old Montreal is my favourite bit on all of Montreal. It's oldie worldie feeling with cobbled streets, a main square where buskers perform and lots of patios in the summertime. Definitely a gathering place that very much reminded me of supper-ing and spending an evening out in squares in Europe. 

We walked along the shoreline checking out the happenings of the very active ports and marinas before heading back to the cobbled streets of Old Montreal for dinner.


After dinner, the evening was spent moving from every restaurant, pub,  and cafe that we liked the look of with a patio or rooftop bar.

We did a LOT of walking this day, but really didn't get up to much except observe the city and get a taste of its essence.  We made sure we got that essence all over ourselves, never to forget our short time in this lovely city.

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