Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Top 4 Travel Guilty Pleasures: Linkup

[travel] guilty pleasure

:  something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt

1. Lazing about in a hotel room

I love traveling and seeing new things meeting new people, but at the end of a long day on my feet wandering cobbled streets and working through various degrees of culture shock, I enjoy a quiet evening spent in the hotel room. Particular favourite activity is watching foreign language TV and drinking wine from hotel room provided glassware. 

view from Venice hotel room

2. Petting dogs

Living in London meant that I was away from my beloved Bettydog. Which meant more often than not, if I came across a dog in the street, I had to go pet it. A dog encounter often turned a blah day into a great one. I totally react to k9s the way most people greet babies. I'm cool with this. 

3. People watching

How is this not everyone's guilty pleasure? If there are people around me, I will be looking at you. And if you have a Hitler mustache, I'm totally going to take a cheeky, creeper photo of you.

4. Instagraming my food

This is not strictly a travel guilty pleasure. Following me on instagram you will often see the food items I made, consumed, about to consume, wish I could be consuming, filling my feed. This brings me joy. I will not stop nor make an apology.

This month's theme for the travel link up hosted by Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and guest host Polly is 'guilty pleasures'


  1. I adore people watching - and wine in hand just improves it 100%!

  2. I think we're ALL guilty of the Instagramming our food one!

    Polly xx

  3. That should go on a t-shirt: "Wine in hand just improves it 100%"

  4. *That's* how we'll make our fortunes Erin!!

  5. This is half the reason I loved attending blogger teas in London; no judgment while getting every angle of the scones. :)

  6. If you ever go to Saigon Vietnam in the backpacker area the Diagonal restaurant is the best people watching place and a beer...ok 2 beers.

  7. oh gosh, instagramming my food...guilty as charged! It's so fun though! I always get so excited when I'm eating something new or delicious, I feel validated in sharing it haha. My food pictures on instagrams are usually the ones that get the most likes!

  8. Haha - can't believe you got a cheeky photo of a Hitler-tasche guy!


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