Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Let's Get Crafty, Brought to you by the Letter E

A few days ago I showed you the Personalized Door Letter I made for my cousin's baby, now a toddler, and over Christmas she had her 2nd kid, which meant I had an excuse to get crafty again. 

I had seen this project on Pinterest and when I discussed it with my cousin, we were on the same page!

I again used the trusty old cereal box as my base and created the letter by cutting out and folding up the sides to create a hollow form. These kind of card board letters are sold at some art supply stores, but who wants to waste money on that. 

I glued in dry flower foam into the hollow bits. You could even glue in the fake flowers as you go, but that seemed a bit excessive to me and the foam is pretty good at holding the stems. I then just went about putting the flowers in where I thought looked prettiest and filled in any visible holes.

Lastly, I glued on some ribbon to the back so that it can be hung and voila!

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  1. Thanks, Emma. I'm seriously considering making a 2nd for my own bedroom door ;)


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