Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Toronto Distillery District Christmas Market

This post is lovingly dedicated to my Gluhwein gang. Guys, seriously consider Toronto as next years destination.

I had great expectations for this Christmas Market and I was not disappointed. The Distillery District in Toronto is iconic on a normal day, but add in fairy lights and greenery juxtaposed to the old factory brick and its game has been up'd. This market was magical and definitely brought the spirit of the season out. The wooden huts decorated with lights and garland, a fully trimmed tree, schnitzel, and mulled wine (and no beer garden!!!) reminded me of my beloved European markets but the poutine stall, curling, Canada winter gear, and cold beer on tap, were the Canadian touches that made my heart sing. 

The plan for this particular visit was to arrive just before dusk to grab an late lunch, a warming drink (or two), and enjoy the twinkling lights after the sun set. However, it was a very cold day and we didn't quite make it to darkness. Checkout #tcm2014 on instagram to see those twinkling lights. This is not a 'best kept secret' and was crowded, even on a Sunday afternoon. (so that's my excuse for not having great photos).

Schnitzel selfie!

I don't know this girl, but she posed so nicely for the picture.

These port-a-potties that look like UK phone boxes are my favourite.

Some people came super prepared for market day and I do love a guy with fun socks.

The market runs for almost a month leading up to Christmas (unless most other markets in Ontario which usually are for a weekend or week tops) and although it's closed for the season now, it's definitely a market I have on my list to revisit next year. Maybe actually making it into the evening next time.

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